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Plan B & Plan C

I know I wrote an earlier post about where I was going late next year, however, due to circumstances beyond my control(WV cut all services down to the bare minimum and then some and I don't want to wait 3-5 years for state insurance for those with disabilities and affordable housing); I'm now going to go to either Plan B or Plan C late next year; it depends on which one opens up first.

Plan B is to move to Salt Lake City, Utah. I have a cousin who lives in Salt Lake City and is willing to help me get settled in. I visited there in July 2013 for a SABE meeting and fell in love with the city right away. They have a wonderful light rail system and it is very easy to navigate the city as it is on a grid system. I also like the climate and the people are very friendly. Plan C is to move to the Phoenix metro area. Phoenix was my original Plan B, however, after a series of laws were recently passed that significantly curtailed affordable housing opportunities, Phoenix got relegated to Plan C status.

I've made inquiries on both areas and each one has different guidelines about how to transfer things, some of which are very confusing and have a bunch of legal jargon which is difficult to interpret at best. I'm hoping to get my name on a waiting list in each area soon and the first one that opens up is one I'm going to as I can't stand being in Minnesota anymore and the thing that happened to me on September 15 is the straw that breaks the camels back. All I am saying is that something really bad happened to me while I was on my first date since June 2014 and the police took the guy's side. I got chastised for 'letting him in the house' and for going out on a date in the first place because 'people like me always get into this kind of trouble whenever we go on any kind of romantic encounter'. Most of my friends have also taken his side and I've been made out to be a whore and then some.

If it were totally up to me(and if I had enough money), I'd go to an island in the Mediterranean and spend the rest of my life there as I won't be able cause any damage or chaos whenever I encounter people.