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Where's the vacation fairy when you need them?

After several visits to a counselor and lots of venting; its been concluded that the main cause of my stress is that I've never had a real vacation and that I need to embark on one as possible. While that's great on paper, it'll take an act of congress in order for that to get done.

I have three main obstacles in being able to have a vacation. The first one is obvious, vacations cost money and money is something that is in short supply at best for me. It doesn't help when you have to prepare an insanely meticulous ironclad plan in order for your conservator to approve said money for a vacation. The second one is lack of transportation. I only have a learner's permit and the mass transit options are lackluster at best around here so it makes places to go on vacation very limited. The third obstacle is that everyone who knows of my self-advocacy work thinks that when I go to a place that is out of state, that's my vacation. I will tell you right now that when I'm at a place that is out of state, I'm working on self-advocacy and 'working vacations' aren't real vacations. The only time I go out and do things is when there is a freebie day and while I come to the place where the meeting is held a couple days ahead of time, it is not to goof around or go sightseeing. It is so I can acclimate to the place I'm in as my autism will act up if I don't and I get a lot of grief from people for doing so, even though it is considered an accommodation and I very rarely ask for accommodations(I also keep this to myself because I've had people try to put me in a group home again because this issue several times).

At the rate things are going, the only way I'll be able to get a vacation is if the vacation fairy comes knocking on my door. Now if I can just find her business card and get past the receptionist this time, that'd be great.